Due to multiple factors and complications, our production of Firebringer has been canceled. We send our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

All tickets will be 100% refunded including Eventbrite fees.

For questions, please contact Laura at assisttheflare@gmail.com


The Creative Team

Director- Michelle Blight
Music Director - Emma Clark
Assist. Music Director -
Philon-Desiree Brathwaite
Stage Manager - Alex Verge

Production Manager & Lead Producer - Aurora McClennan

Costume Designer - Cheryl McClennan
Lighting Designer - Gabrielle Bauman

Casting Liaison - Gabrielle Bauman
Box Office & Front of House - Laura E Janzen 

Inclusivity Of officers -
Philon-Desiree Brathwaite
& Bea Postma

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The Cast

Bea Postma

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Theodore McClennan
Brennan Roberts
Rosemary brown
Laurinda Shaver
Bernadette Lynch McClennan
Joanna Mills
Miranda Wiseman
Camille Blott

And special thanks to our benefactor

Edward "Sir Pokes-a-lot" mCClennan
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