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Hot As Hell:
A Devilishly Fun Interactive Show

Not the rings you bargained for...
August 6-8 and 13-15 2021

The Creative Team

Director - Aurora McClennan
Stage Manager - Bea Postma
Technical Director - Sammie Marett

Writers - Aurora McClennan,
Bea Postma & Sammie Marett

Concept - Gillian Wiley

Casting - Aj Aniceto, Aurora McClennan, Bea Postma & Sammie Marett

Graphic Design & Marketing by Frances Loghrin & Kate Sharpe

Makeup Designer - Sammie Marett

Producers - Aurora McClennan, Bea Postma, Aj Aniceto, Philon-Desiree Brathwaite


The Cast

Bea Postma
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