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Collaboration Corner:
The Love You Make

Every Episode Available on YouTube!

The year is 1968. It's the midst of a social upheaval. A group of people from all different stations in life come together to learn, grow and fight injustice...and play a few groovy rock songs. The Black Panthers, Yippies, MLK and RFK, Vietnam, Drugs and Free Love!

The year is 2020. It's the midst of social upheaval. A group of artists, each dedicated to speaking up and creating a spark, are coming together to read and workshop a new mini series. And you can watch it every week on YouTube.

Aurora McClennan, the Artistic Director and Founder of The Flare, began working on The Love You Make in a creative writing class in high school and, over the years, has been editing and learning with the piece and is ready to share it with the world. In light of our political and social environment, she wants you and the people she trusts most along for the ride. How can we make this piece even better and speak to more people? And how can we make and create while stuck indoors during a f'ing pandemic? ​

This video series chronicles creating in isolation - the process, the woes, all that fun stuff - and communicating and working together with limited resources. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson!

The Cast

Bea Postma
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