The FLARe presents

2022-23 Season

Femme Flames

As Produced by StarKid Productions

November 3-13th, 2022

Music & Lyrics by

Meredith Stephen & Mark Swiderski

Book by Nick Lang, Matt Lang & Brian Holden

Arranged by Clark Baxtresser

& Pierce Siebers


Firebringer follows a tribe of early (wo)man in the discovery of sisterhood, modern times and fire. Zazzalil is a forward thinker, looking to prove she is capable of more than her single duty in the tribe, much to the frustration of the leader, Jemilla, who believes everyone has their place and their job for a reason. But when Zazzalil discovers fire and runs from the tribe, and everything Jemilla has worked for begins to fall apart, the community of women must learn how to work together and truly be “womankind” to bring peace back into their lives for a better tomorrow.


This piece will explore physical theatre, clown work, found instrumentation and completely genderless casting. The Flare prioritizes anti-discrimination in all of our work.

I Don't Need Your Love
A Cabaret Celebrating Anti-Love Songs by the Gender Minority

February 2023


Created by Aurora McClennan

The Cabaret will feature songs from up and coming and emerging Canadian female presenting composers and Musical Theatre writers such as Aurora McClennan, Clara Rose McLeod, and Kathleen Mills, paired with the songs from established female musical theatre composers including Jeanine Tesori, Betty Comden, Lynn Ahrens and Lucy Simon, among many many others.


This piece is set to employ emerging performers from all walks of life and backgrounds. Our cabarets are a really wonderful opportunity for us to build a community and meet new performers, especially recent graduates.

La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight

April 2023


By Lauren Gunderson

Tonight, 18th century scientific

genius Emilie du Châtelet is back

and determined to answer the

question she died with:

love or philosophy, head or heart?

In this highly theatrical rediscovery of one of history’s most intriguing women, Emilie defends her life and loves;

and ends up with both a formula and a legacy that permeates history.

This piece intends to invite self-examination through the lens of a historical, feminist and feminine character, her mind, and her relationships. 



The Flare began as a place for artists, especially those of us who lost out on a proper graduation and final showcases, to connect, create and share. The goal was always to change the way we speak in rehearsal rooms and make theatre creation a more collaborative effort, more transparent, more inclusive.


Over the past two years, The Flare has become a community of emerging artists, and we’ve been able to prove time and time again that theatre does not need to be a hierarchy, nor does it need to be so exclusive. Theatre is a family, and needs to be treated as such.


This season, we’ve decided to hone in on our mandate, and ensure the creation of art that will highlight groups of artists and voices often ignored or pushed aside. Female and Queer voices deserve the same recognition as your household name white male authors.


To kick off our season, we’ll be presenting StarKid Productions’ Firebringer, a musical which explores the strength of community and the strength of women in discovery, teamwork and ambition. Set on the backdrop of the Stone Age, this piece was crafted by the StarKid team, led by Meredith Stephen. The show places female and female presenting folx front and centre in the discovery of fire and modern technology, whilst never shying away from Queer undertones and creating family with those you love, not those you’re told you must love. We’re thrilled to be bringing this show to Toronto featuring an all female and non-binary team, led by Michelle Blight (she/they) as Director. Alex Verge (they/them) will be stage managing, with Emma Clark (she/they) as Music Director and Philon-Desiree Brathwaite (she/her) as Assistant Music Director. The team is rounded out with Cheryl McClennan as Costume Designer and Jamie Oosterdag (he/him) as our Technical Designer. The show will be presented at Sweet Street Action from November 3rd-13th, 2022, with auditions launching in August.


With a focus on female creatives, we’re thrilled to be presenting a Cabaret, just in time for Galentines, that will feature the works of female and female presenting composers and writers. The Cabaret will include the works of well known writers, like Jeanine Tesori and Lynn Ahrens, but will also feature the works of up and coming composers and writers, including Aurora McClennan and Kathleen Mills.


We’ll be rounding out our season with a presentation of Emilie: La Marquise du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight by Lauren Gunderson. The show will be directed by The Flare’s own Gabrielle Bauman (She/Her), with performances slated for April.