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Upcoming Projects

La Marquise du Châtelet
Her Life Tonight

By Lauren Gunderson

April 2023

Tonight, 18th century scientific genius Emilie du Châtelet is back a

nd determined to answer the  question she died with:

love or philosophy, head or heart?

In this highly theatrical rediscovery of one of history’s

most intriguing women, Emilie defends her life and loves; and ends up with both a formula and a legacy that permeates history.

This piece intends to invite self-examination through the lens of a historical, feminist and feminine character, her mind, and her relationships. 

The Emerging Playwrights
Reading Series

Collaboration between Liza Hersh and Aurora McClennan

September 2023


4-6 Plays will receive limited workshopping and rehearsal time with a director, performers, and dramaturgy for presentation.

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